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Thread: cost to repair damaged doors on ford fusion se

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    Default cost to repair damaged doors on ford fusion se

    Hi there, I'm trying to pool other's thoughts since I'm clueless about cars. We have this 2015 ford fusion SE and unfortunately my mother hit a pole that was obstructed by snow and it did some damage to the passenger side door(s). We've taken it to a few body shops to get estimates and all have said this is going to require new doors and cost from $3500-4000. I attached a couple of pics showing where the majority of the damage is - basically where the two doors meet is where the most extensive damage is. The bottom panel has some 'minor' dents and then there are scrapes but I'm mostly wondering about the dents at the door intersection. Does this seem like new doors are absolutely necessary? We have a neighbor that owned a dealership for 30 years and has worked with cars and said this could be done without requiring new doors by just fixing the outer panel and for much less $ than the quotes we got. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    It's difficult to tell from here but I'd recommend going to a couple of different body shops for estimates. You may find a shop that will straighten the doors or just replace the door skins.

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    Do this..

    Go to

    See if they have doors with the same color code like yours in your area..

    Go from there..

    It is fixable, it seems..

    I am a bonafide butcher, cheese grater, 2 kg of gold rage and it is done..I can bang that out and make it look as to fit your budget...

    What do you want to spend, tell us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by baubau View Post
    Do this..

    ..I can bang that out and make it look as to fit your budget...
    That is the greatest statement I have ever heard. It fits the machining industry just as much as the auto body industry.

    look as to fit your budget.. damn I love that.

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