Son wiped out my truck due to a snow/ice storm. Luckily he walked off w/o any injury, truck did its job that way.

I put alot of work into restoring this thing; not sure I'm going to be able to get this thing back on the road. The left front wheel came back and hit the cab, the front driveshaft pushed the transfer case so far the transfer case broke off the OD trans unit. Will need an OD trans housing at minimum.

Right now just assessing to see what all needs to be done, but am also actively looking for a replacement truck.

I got the fender, front bumper, hood, core support off, tailgate and rear bumper off... engine looks like it didn't take damage. Left frame rail doesn't look like it got hit either.

I can source the fender/hood/door and all the parts on the left fender that were obliterated. I can get a used transmission/transfer case. Wondering if I can fix that bed corner, its folded under pretty far.

Thinking of making a tram gauge to see if the front frame is tweaked before I buy anything.