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Thread: Toyota Avalon salvage rebuild or part out?

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    I found quite a few fuse boxes in NJ for $75 to $135 on You can enter your car in the search box, select the part and search by distance to find the parts near you and the price for the parts. I make a list of the parts I need and look for a yard that has most of what I need with good prices. I usually drive a hundred miles or so and get a truck load. One time I went 500 miles to get everything I needed. The shipping I saved paid for the trip and I made a vacation trip out of it.

    Don't overlook after market parts like bumper cover, radiator, condenser, lights and mirrors. They are often cheaper than used and quite good. You can fine a place like Certifit in larger cities. They have good parts. I've got a lot of Avalon parts from them.

    If you like doing this as a hobby then your car is a good candidate, but if you don't have tools and this is going to be a one time deal then find somebody to guide and help you or look into the disposal ideas you stated. I found out it takes a long time to sell parts. I bought a dilapidated boat with trailer because I wanted the trailer, had to take the boat too. I parted it out and cut up the hull for dump disposal. I ended up getting the trailer for free and my disposal fees were covered but it took a good long time to sell the parts on Craig's List not to mention many hours of labor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flem View Post
    After looking over the remaining wiring and the shredded remains of the fusebox (and given Henry’s warnings), I won’t bother attempting a startup. Probably not worth risk.
    Carbrain has offered me $800 to tow away my mistake. I’m hoping to do better trying to sell the parts. All four doors, the right fender, rocker panels, and rear of vehicle are in excellent condition as is the interior. There’s of course the engine, transmission, and undamaged components to offer up in addition to the frame for scrap.
    Wonder if any have thoughts on dissembly (which I get a strange satisfaction) and trouble of selling off parts as opposed to getting it back to copart for auction or Craigslist? Frankly the trouble of towing vehicle ($250) and Copart fees don’t appeal to me. Also I’m not comfortable hiding the structural issues to an another victim. Would prefer selling it whole as a parts car on Craigslist or selling parts peace meal until I recoup my $2k.
    Anyone’s previous experience with this would be welcomed.
    Tell Carbrain, whoever that is to go look for their other brain.

    Don't make a pile of parts cause you'll be left with a carcass that no one wants.

    You need to (take your time) do your homework. Someone you drive by has a shop that is into the Toyota line. They would want your car. That damage you have is not that much given a shop that works on those things and has parts cars in their back yard.

    Least I would take if I had to eat the loss would be $1500. You could probably net that from COPART on a run through them even with fees.

    TOWING: Do you have AAA? Let them tow it. If you go the Copart route, they will come hook it.

    Unless and until you have a buyer for all your parts, do not try selling parts on your own. Put the car back together as you got it, take photos and try the Craiglist or ebay route.

    I'll tell you, being on the live COPART auctions in my area I see at least a third of all vehicles sold to third world countries I never heard the names of before.

    Some guy was bidding a couple years ago on 99 and 98 Camry like they were gold and they were from CA. The cars were smacked in the front from light to moderate damage and selling for near $3,000. Then they had to pay to get the units back to CA or some other venue.

    Many non American cars sell for the intent of NOT staying in this country. They are pieced apart and stacked in large shipping containers and on their way overseas. You know, airbags, mileage American safety features mean NOTHING and are not part of regulations in other countries.

    Roll the dice on don't think you have to do something TODAY. I would search locally (50 mile radius) then go the COPART route. Get what you get and call it a great experience. Beats $800 or making snowballs.

    I would also ask around shops that work on this brand for someone to wire it enough to start. Hang around a Toyota dealership service department. Talk with a couple mechanics. Find out who you can pay to play with your car. Everyone works outside of work. Someone like that would not only get your car running but may want to buy it or know someone. NETWORK your grief.


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