Hey guys, Ive been reading and talking with friends in regards to the order of things once I'm finished all the welding on my 240z. My work space is in my garage, it is enclosed and has a rollup door but there's no weather strip on it. Its not a "breezy" space but it is cold yet generally a couple degrees warmer than outside. I'm in rainy Vancouver so it is damp in general.

This is where I'm stuck, do I prep the car and epoxy the whole thing then pick away at filler work, keeping in mind my body work phase is gunna take time so it wont be a one week special. I'm thinking months of doing it when I have time. Or do I scratch up the areas to work filler on and then roll with it. cars been stripped to bare metal for about a month or so in some areas and I have yet to see any real flash rust or anything, still shiny.

I think I'm really just looking for a final push in one direction or another rather than constantly reading 50/50 reviews on either process. I also consider that IF I epoxy the car and do fill, when sanding ill probably remove some epoxy and maybe even show raw steel at that point do I need to recoat that small area?

I hate this haha

thanks for any clarification on my undecided situation!