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Thread: What to use over Welds on Firewall panels

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    Default What to use over Welds on Firewall panels

    Hello Everyone!! I am new to Autobody work (1st time new) and I have some questions on what use over welds and bare metal. I am doing a 56 Bel Air 2 dr sedan Resto-Mod and I just welded smooth panels over the existing firewall to get that smooth look. I had some areas that the metal was pretty thin and blew a few holes in it with the mig welder. Patched them up and grinded them down (may need a little more grinding) So now i am wondering what filler to use over the welds? Short Strand Fiberglass filler? Metal 2 Metal? Regular premium Bondo?? Should I Epoxy primer coate first?

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    Keith R
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    I would probably use short strand fiberglass on the exterior and, if it can get damp inside, a good seam sealer on the inside. App.lying an epoxy primer before applying the filler is probably not necessary but it is a topic for debate.

    When I want my short strand filler to get into the surface texture I will sometimes add a little fiberglass resin to make it more liquid before applying it.

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    Have to agree with Len on this

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