Hi All -

I am new to this forum and a very baby newbie at painting vehicles. But no worries. I have a friend that practically grew up working in his father's autobody shop so I do have help. What he cannot help with is color selection so I thought I would come here.

I bought my 2003 Chevy Express to convert into a RV... well, it will be more than just an RV. I plan to have it become my tiny home on wheels for a few years. Just like most Chevy Express' made in 2003, the paint is peeling very bad. I cannot remember how I ran across the video on the Chevy Express painted with Upol Raptor lining. I do remember that my first thoughts were "This is so cool" and "this seems easy enough that even I can do!". Months later I am finally prepping the van and hope to be done spray painting by the end of the week.

Several months ago I decided to keep the same color, olympic white. But now that the reality of actually putting paint on the van is here, I think I have changed my mind. Woman's prerogative, what can I say?! I love the color blue. But I don't like bright neon blues. I like cool toned blues. Some would say gray blue. So this is the color I want to spray paint my van. That said, I want to keep the color light. I live in a very hot climate during the summer and need all the help I can get keeping the van cool especially since I will be sleeping in it. So I want to do a very light gray blue. The colors I have been looking at so far are Audi Nardo Gray, Honda Sonic Gray, and Subaru Cool Gray Khaki. However, all these still seem a bit too gray. I would like the color to be a bit more blue and a little lighter. The Upol raptor paint has a matte finish. So I need a color that will look good in matte.

Does anyone have some suggestions for me?