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Thread: Rear cracked hatch panel Fix?

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    Default Rear cracked hatch panel Fix?

    Ford /Lincoln had a problem with there back window hatch panels cracking out of the blue. I haven't seen one yet that isnt cracked. My question is there any way to reinforce the panel from be hide with some type of repair? The panel is some type of plastic. I as well had an idea to shave the Lincoln badge off, is there any type of good filler that would fill that area without cracking later on down the road? Thanks
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    If it were my car I'd probably repair it once and if it cracked again I'd invest in that replacement panel.

    To repair it "quick and cheap" you could grind it down and fill the low are with a short strand fiberglass filler but for a better repair you could use something like Fusor Plastic Repair Adhesive.


    With the Fusor you would also need a dispenser gun.


    If you decided to replace the bottom of the panel then the Fusor products would be the way to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southernlincoln View Post
    Thanks for the reply ,my plan was to just replace the panel and to reinforce the new one somehow and shave the Lincoln logo to clean it up a bit. Its an 2003 with 78,000 miles on it, super clean Aviator till you see the back hatch panel
    Granted, the car is old by manufacturer standards. However, check a few dealers and see how long this was a problem and what their factory fix was as I'm sure there was one if this damage was so common and their fault.

    Even if the gave you a new part it would be a plus.

    What model is this as I feel like doing a search of unannounced dealer repairs?

    Let us know how you end up with this one.


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    To make a permanent repair you would have to reinforce the crack from the back side with fiberglass mat and a two part epoxy structural repair kit before you address the outer crack.

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