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    I just wanted to check in and introduce my self, I live in central Florida, I am 72 years old and have been here for 60 years.
    I have worked in body and paint shops in my youth, I did well with enamel and lacquer and was in heaven
    when they came out with acrylic enamel.....Ha!Ha!
    I have a 1950 Chevy 3100 pickup which actually was on the front cover and fold out of the Ecklers Classic Chevy Magazine for April 2018 edition.

    I am new to all the improvements they have made in the last thirty years in the body and paint applications, so I have been reading and applying
    what I have learned so far, but I have a general question.
    I removed the hood and stripped the paint completely off, I had the hood louvered the old fashioned way with a dye and a hammer,
    well the dude got a little over zealous and put little dents in my hood on each side of each louver, I took my shrinking hammer and dowel
    and worked them down pretty well, I took my side grinder and carefully ground down the high spots, now my question is.
    There is so little room between the louvers to sand and bondo is a real stinker to sand, is there any filler on the market that I can sand easily and still hold up
    without peeling off later, I am using all NASON products 491-17 primer on the bare metal and 421-23 primer over that within the thirty minutes that they require.
    Then I will shoot base and clear when finished, I have a Devilbiss tekna pro lite gun.
    I wonder if a two part glazing putty would work.
    Sorry for such basic questions, but the products seem to be endless and the way body work is done these days is a lot different then when I did it.
    Back in the 60's I painted cars for $65.00 and lacquer jobs were $125.00....Ha!Ha!

    This site is great, I need a lot of time looking through it all, but I will.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated........Ron Gooden

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    Hi Ron, Welcome Aboard

    The best and easiest to sand filler that I've used is Rage Ultra Xtra, it would probably be perfect for your application.
    You could probably get away with the 16oz pouch and the extended work time is an advantage in your situation.
    Just be sure to scratch the metal with some 80 grit and press the filler into the scratches.

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    Thank you Len, I really appreciate the info and my arthritic fingers do also.........Ha!Ha!

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