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    We just started this 1950 Jeep last week. 68 years old and it has 9000 original miles on it but it's had some shoddy work done in the past.

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    Wow Len! ...I was gonna start a new thread for this one, but I guess I'll just post it here..

    I recently ran into a friend who had his '51 Willy's out the other day, and I had to get a few new pics of it...

    I helped a little bit on this one, but mostly just with the engine stuff. My old friend Willy is the one who painted it... (No shii, the name is just a coincidence)... It's the same Willy that was in the passenger seat when I rolled the old Ranger at the track... but anyways...

    I guess it was at least 5-7 years ago when this baby was still at Willy's shop... It took a long time to get it out the door....

    When I first saw it, the engine was out, and it was seized up... I remember trying to get it freed up, but we eventually gave up, tossed it in back of my truck, and took it to the machine shop..

    It was good to see this old baby on the road the other day! ...even though it's slow as can be, it's still cool to see it still on the road!

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