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Thread: Trunk to do it right?

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    Default Trunk to do it right?

    I'm restoring a 1970 Dodge Challenger. The trunk pan is surprisingly solid. After some aggressive wire-wheeling, I only encountered 12 total pinholes. I will plan to weld those shut after rust treatment using a copper spoon.

    Metal is kinda a dull dark color now with areas of pitting. But solid and structurally sound.

    My thought is to apply Rust Mort, then Epoxy Prime. The SEM representative may think that I cleaned it a bit to much for Rust Mort to be the most effective.

    I got to thinking if Picklex would be better since I've already "cleaned" the metal pretty well. Thoughts?

    I know that wire wheeling cannot successfuly get everything when there's little pits, so it definitely needs product.


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