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So I checked my Dewalt and I have a 6" H&L pad and a second 6.5" H&L pad (not sure why??) and a set of 3M perfect-it pads along with some Chemical Brothers 6" foam pads, so I guess that I will just get a 6" wool pad. And be good with that for awhile.

I read on some of the other posts that people are using a rotary first then following up with a forced rotation smaller 5" unit like the Makita PO5000C.

When people do this, do they use the rotary with the compounding material and then switch to polishing materials/pads with the PO5000C.

I have access to a Makita PO5000C so I was thinking of trying the Makita after the Dewalt that I have.
Yes, the forced rotation is mostly used after the rotary to remove swirl marks. We are using Wizard's Mystic Cut with both machines but you could use a lighter polish with the PO5000C.