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Thread: sagola 4500 trouble

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    That was my first truck also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Len View Post
    Yep, that's the clear coat cap. You can use it for clear, single stage and even base coats.
    This is an older picture but it should look something like this.

    Quote Originally Posted by OldFatBald View Post
    Ok, Ok, this isn't the build thread area, but that truck is BAD ASS (can I say that these days? If not, "Thumb Up - I Like That!"), I just love it! My first truck that I ever had was a 64 step side with a mighty slant six 225 running a single barrel carb - probably a little less power than that Viper motor!

    Tincup, you need to start a thread - even if it is short - over in the build section. More info on the engine, tranny, chassis etc etc etc!

    And yes, that is the look of jealousy that you can see on my face!

    Oh, and use the ClearCoat cap for everything solvent - Throw the HVLP cap in the trash
    Thank you both....

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