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Thread: Are they using lead in paints again?

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    Default Are they using lead in paints again?

    As far as I've always been told, they stopped using lead in paints before I was even born. I have come across lead joints and lead repairs, but never seen any in paint. We recently decided to try out the MartinSenour/Napa base coats. Well, after a few shots I was reading the can and notice lead and lead chromate warnings all over it. It states very clearly this product contains lead. Am I just out of the loop or is this new thing?

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    PainterDave Guest


    lead has remained in paint this whole time yes.

    PPG plans to remove all lead based toners by 2020.

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    Interesting. I feel pretty dumb now. I just haven't seen a lead warning on a can in years, other than some dupont cans that said "may contain lead", and the others I have seen looked ancient.

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    PainterDave Guest


    the warnings are when you select formulas. i cant speak for other paint companys i just know PPG plan.

    Valspar and DeBeer i believe are both lead free now

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