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Thread: Thoughts on damage to rear panel.

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    Default Thoughts on damage to rear panel.

    Hey everyone. I recently bought this little Honda CRX. Its in pretty good shape except for this one spot. Looks like it was damaged and someone did a very poor job of fixing it and then just painted. Seriously I have no idea what they did or were trying to do. Does anyone have any advice on making this look decent? Ive used body filler a couple of times in the past for small dents and such but nothing like this.

    Any advice is appreciated!
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    If I wasn't going to replace the quarter I'd purchase a new gas door, grind out all the old paint and filler then use a stud welder to pull out the damage and apply more filler to level the surface.

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    agree with len. looks like they were just trying to stabilize the area and keep it from rusting to oblivion. should be a fairly straightforward repair. just fixing this for a driver right? if it were a high dollar car i'd weld in new metal, but for this, just straighten it out.
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    if you got time and patience, remove rear seat, sear belt, and get going ob removing inisde rear quarter panel plastics..

    it is not complicated, you gain access to metal, push it from inside, but dont push too much, straighten it but leave some room for body filler and away you go..

    dont use stud welder untill you know what is behind thwre, might catch fire....i havr beem there, done fire...

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