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Thread: using fiberglass filler as seam sealer?

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    Default using fiberglass filler as seam sealer?

    last question before I have my plain of attack done.

    Seems some people use short hair fiber glass in place of seam sealer on welds.

    I have some seems that are leaking near a tail light, i'm going to remove seam seal and clean up any rust, i assume (have not dug in yet) i will need to fill it a bit. will fiberglass filler be seal enough? If the seam does not widen to much would seam sealer with no filler be better?

    based on my reading, seams all fillers are "NOT Water tight" altho they say they are. they must be painted first.

    seen a few people test everglass.
    Seems everglass after sanding did not take on water but rage from same company did.

    seems this is like comparing fiberglass to plastic "bondo" type fillers but not sure.

    Bondo makes a short hair fiberglass filler called "bondo-glass" its half the cost of duraglass or everglass. Will i be getting what im paying for here?

    thanks for your time once again.

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    really depends on the seam. i wouldn't use fiberglass filler on a seam that wasn't fully welded, as it will crack as things flex. if this is a seam line where two panels meet you will probably do better with seam sealer. do you have a picture to show? the regulars here will be able to tell you exactly what to do if you show what you're trying to do.
    b marler

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    When we install a patch for a rust repair we grind the welds level then apply a fiberglass filler in order to make the seam more moisture resistant. However, in most cases, when we want to seal a seam inside the car we use a dedicated seam sealer because we don't need to fill over it. When we have a leak we use seam sealer or when we want to seal a drip rail we use a seam sealer and about the only time we use fiberglass filler is when we need to fill over it.

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    thanks guys, thats the vibe i was getting from what i was reading, it just was not spelled out. was trying to save $20. in the long run its not that much.

    you know the saying, do it right or do it twice.

    thanks for the time, effort, and knowledge.

    I truly appreciate it.

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