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Thread: 1972 Triumph resto ideas and

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    Default 1972 Triumph resto ideas and

    Ola everybody...

    A good customer of many years wants me to paint this 1972 is coming from Californias or some other warmer state to Ontario....the customer says he was assured no deep, wink wink...

    He wants me to eyeball, guesstimate the cost of paint job in this car...

    I dont do resto job, i have no patience for it, especially for British car....however, he is a great customer, so i might do it okus it is a small car..

    Does anyone have any experince with these cars?..potential issues?..

    Lets assume normal amount of surface rust, how much should complete paint job minus engine bau cost and be worth?..

    I called for paint prices, 1 gallon of ppg envirobase red close to $700,759, clear coat $300, so mterials paint, lets say $1500 canadian pesos..

    Any ideas of labor cost with just seeing poctures of car?
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    Default RUST ??

    Those cars rust out just sitting LOL Very hard to give any kind of price with out looking in person. I would have to do time and materials. Most restoration shops around here are $ 70 and up.

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    Default huge can of worms there

    anything can be lurking under that red topcoat. you seem like a collision guy to me, this kind of thing can eat your lunch. like tommie b says, time and materials, and i'd expect lots of time to do it right. and if he doesn't want it done right, i'd send him to someone else.
    b marler

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    Yes, i am collison smash repair guy...i never do restorations...

    My shop rate is $65 but it can go down to $56 for cheap tight insurance companies...mnever above $70

    So i could be in trouble,.....i will expect worse.


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