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Thread: 2003 S-10

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    Default 2003 S-10

    I posted in another thread a picture of a 2003 S-10 I had just purchased. It was wrecked in the driver fender and door. The lower hinge area was pushed toward the center of the truck a couple inches. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures during the pull, but I did snap a couple after things got rolling.



    Initial door/fender fitting after pulling:


    Filler applied to hinge pillar and rocker panel:


    Jambed and ready for door installation:


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    Default Thank you Sam...

    I love seeing you and your work, work. Looks good so far. Is it for you or someone waiting?

    Sam, note the mirror on the donor door has a mirror with plug only used till 1998. In the photo, the mirror on the smashed truck looks good. You may want to snag that before you trash the door. Power window plug and maybe locks are different from, this time, 98 and up.

    Why do I bother. I know you already know that. More pics, please.


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