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Thread: Belts for air sander - spot weld removal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil V View Post
    I can't picture a belt sander being any good at removing spot welds. I think I saw the same video you did on YouTube. That was pure 100% bullshit about the cobalt spot weld drill bit taking so long and needing that much pressure to cut through. In real life it would have cut through in a 3 or 4 seconds. And it would have taken a LOT longer for that belt sander to cut through the first layer of a spot weld.

    I have used the spot weld cutter bits with the spring tip and the replaceable cutters but they have a tendency to break off the teeth on those cutters.
    The one Len posted with a picture is probably the best all around spot weld cutter. I make a couple of them out of old regular high speed steel drill bits and a bench grinder. They have lasted a LOT longer that I had expected (several years). Seems like crystallized rust (sandwiched in between the two layers of a spot weld) is really hard on spot weld bits.
    those band files, or small belt sanders have their place, but i can't imagine spot weld cutting to be one of them. i use one for blending welds on pipe and stuff, but spot welds?
    i haven't seen the video though, maybe i'm missing something?
    b marler

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    I have used air belt sander system to remove spot welds and it works great, especially on thin metal korean cars...

    It is good for some awkard spots, and it chews tru top metal fastmm..

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