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Thread: Stud Welder Technique

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    Default Stud Welder Technique

    Most dents in sheet metal can be pulled out easily using a stud welder accompanied by a few taps with a hammer. One of the tricks I've learned over the years is NOT to weld the studs on too well. IOW just a quick tap on the trigger will allow the stud to bond to the metal good enough to pull out the dent then it can be removed easily by putting a pair of diagonal cutters behind the head of the stud and twisting to snap it off. If the stud is welded on more heavily it will need to be removed with a grinder.

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    Right on, Len.....with these new car metal being so thing, if you fuse it too well, it will rip, or distort from grinding...

    I would like to add that thicker weld pins work better than thin ones because they have wider tip and dont fuse instantly like thinner....mich easier to remove with pliers...

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