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    Sandblasted areas of my car that opened up small pinholes and areas with maybe 1/4" irregular holes max. I've blasted BOTH sides, metal is clean, rust is gone and treated with metal prep. I'll be cutting and replacing w/patches the larger areas (lower quarters). My question is on these smaller pinholes : why can't I repair with epoxy putty (I've heard JB will even work) I know lead is used, and some may still cut out small little patches and weld. Why not epoxy putty ? Someone stated the expansion/contraction variances between metal and epoxies, but how would that be any different than body fillers? I'm sure some old die-hards will use nothing but metal, but I need theory and application experience regarding the newer methods. Sorry so long, but I'm about to start the repairs ! Thanks

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    for real small pinholes, as long as the meal is prety strong i use my pick hammer around the pinhole very lightly, just enough to make the pinhole and the metal directly around it lower than the rest of the metal(that make sense?) scuff it up real good with some 36 and then use a fiberglass body filler on it for the first couple passes. and then finish as you normally would. if you could get a pass or two behind the pinhole its a nice strength thing too. i did with while i was at a school bus company. you have no idea the amount of rust that can form on a school bus.....

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