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Thread: Ran out of Evercoat 411...

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    Default Ran out of Evercoat 411...

    Before I threw out my pump container of Evercoat 411, I cut the container in two. I was able to mix up two or three more batches of filler from what was sticking to inside of it, especially in the "accordion folds". I'm sure at about $50 / quart I'm not the only one doing this. I stored the halves in ziploc bags between uses. I ran out of hardener, I used the blue hardener that came with my Rage Ultra filler and it seemed to work fine. On another note, this was my first time to mold a scoop to a hood and I did it with lots of thin layers as opposed to a few really thick ones. Should it make any difference for durability or cracking? You can see in the pic all the edges from different layers along the sides, but it's smooth as using 220 on a long block with guide coat will get it when running hand over it. I can't feel any dips or edges.

    The blue tape is just the area I want to use to finish blending front of scoop to hood. That's a shadow cast by scoop onto the hood creating the dark area in filler along left side.

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    You should be ok applying it in thin layers but I'd recommend sanding with a little more coarse sandpaper until the last coat or two then go to the 220.

    As far as that accordion container goes try storing it upside-down so that the filler gravitates to the tip.

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