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Thread: Cleaning spreaders...

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    This is how i deal with this....there is 2 printing shops behind my shop, i go visit them, aak if they botched up, messed up jobs using thicker white coated paper, they always do ...i grab sheets with original no dye paper on them, thick, strong use once or twice in the ithwr side, throw it cleaning...this is for heavy stuff , paper is strong, it fits my long clipboard

    I dont advise this, i do it bcs i check it first, i use magazines with thick paper, check for dye meltinging, if not, then i use it as a spreader for quick small filler.....

    As well, i clean the spreader first by wiping excess filler, then some thinner, whichh i hateeeee using, and wipe..

    When i am busy, i tape my spreaders bcs i forget to clean them often !...i jump from work area to work area for efficiency..

    And alsos, i can get packbof 50 spreaders for $20...sometimes ckeaning them is simply not feasible...
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