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Thread: 79 T/A Firewall Smoothing

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    Default 79 T/A Firewall Smoothing

    I'm fixing to weld up some panels on the firewall to smooth things out a bit and going to use Vintage air with an LS swap so I have a couple questions.

    What areas need to be left open for access of A/C, heater hoses etc?

    If welding a panel over the existing firewall should I apply a coat of primer to both mating surfaces? Is there ever any need for weld thru primer?IMG_2203.jpg

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    I've never did that to a firewall so I can't tell you about the AC holes etc. but using weld-thru primer can help. Some people will use epoxy primer but it tends to burn back exposing the metal while many weld-thru primers creep back after welding and protect the metal better than epoxy.

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