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    Default How do you know when to stop buffing...

    After you apply buffing compound and start moving the buffer across a panel, how do you know when to stop? A couple of times it seemed like I caused some build up on the clear coat of either clear coat or compound that didn't just wipe off. To remove it, I had to add some compound and go back over those spots with buffing pad. I wondered if it was getting it too hot on those spots. I'm using wizards mystic cut and the wool pads that came with my Makita polisher. They seem to work very fast.
    On another note, I was wiping the dried / extra buffing compound off with a microfiber rag and it was looking great until I noticed big scratches. Turns out the rag had picked up a very small clump of maroon scotch brite fibers! Can't be too clean during this step!

    I'm finally finished with this panel. It's the first thing I have painted and I have learned a ton. I cleared it initially but got low spots in the clear coat sanding out bugs and nibs. I took DA to it with 800 then recleared it and got big time sags along the bottom. I sanded out the sags mostly and sanded with 1500, 2000 and 3000 trizact. It isn't perfect, still a few low spots and nibs, but good enough to move on to other panels now. I used to think when I looked down the side of a car and saw dents or irregularities that it was caused by poor body work. I now realize that you can have a perfectly straight flat panel and see "dent's" or waves due to unevenness in the clear coat itself from sanding out bugs, nibs or sags. Everyday I have more respect for the people that can do this work!

    EDIT: Sorry for not noticing the sticky at the top of this page before posting. Very informative videos up there by Robert, Thanks!
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    Looks good compound is one thing but what pads did you use that also matters..

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