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Thread: Scrambler project

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    Hole saw then a dimple die in the press.
    I'll look into the tapered rivets for the door skins.

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    Started getting a little body work done. Found a Cj grill locally and sent it out to sandblasting but it came back with a bunch of rot holes so I figured Id buy a reproduction grill to save some time...
    Ended up with this

    Lots of spot weld dimples! Other than that it looks identical to OEM.

    A little filler and sanding fixed it up

    My hood needed a little dent fixed on the leading edge too. Dropped it getting it out of the truck, oops. Hoping to get the grill and hood mocked up just before Xmas, I havent set a date for paint yet. Id really like it done before Spring, well see...

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    Default Good...

    Listen, no one ever said this stuff was easy. You will be successful because your attitude and goals are set right. PERSEVERE is the word you will live by and your project will show it. Keep the faith. All steps that move forward make the completion date that much closer. Take care.


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    Little bit of bling...

    Big Griffin radiator with dual Derale fans. They move a bunch of air!
    I might have polished the alum...

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    Finally got some shop time to mess with the CJ stuff

    The hood/fender gap isn’t terrible. I’ll add some 1” flat stock on the inside to beef up the hood and some corner trim on the cut edge.
    Still need to gut the grill to fit the big radiator...
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