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Thread: Questions about OEM foam inside of Kick Panel / Fender

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    Question Questions about OEM foam inside of Kick Panel / Fender


    I have attached a picture of the OEM foam inside of the Kick panel area on a 91 chevy silverado pickup. The foam is grey and unlike anything I have really seen before, it's almost like jute material was mixed with a silicone. Can ayone tell me the correct name for this foam so I can search for it and buy some if I need it ?

    There was some water / wetness in this area that I think was coming from a cowel leak that I fixed. Would there be anything wrong with taking the OEM foam out and sealing the area with some Urethane seam sealer ?

    What is the main reason they use foam instead of seam sealer in this area, is it supposed to seal and deaden sound ? I could spray some more foam over the seam sealer if I can find a suitable spray foam.

    Thanks for your help.
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    It was probably used to help lessen noise in those areas. You can use seam sealer or you can use replacement foam if you hear unwanted sound with only seam sealer.

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