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Thread: Robert's Pebble Beach Winner

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    Default Robert's Pebble Beach Winner

    Detailing cars for this type of show is more than just detailing it's over-the-top perfection. Robert did this car that won "Best In Show"

    Check out the article LINKED HERE



    Robert at Work

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    Default Good Buff Job

    Here's a before and after by Robert on a black MB using the new Makita TPO5000C



    Powerful 7.8 AMP motor delivers more output and variable (180 - 790) RPM
    7/32" (5.5mm) orbit diameter provides a swirl-free finish
    Conveniently located variable speed control dial (0 - 6,800 OPM) enables the operator to match the speed to the application
    Electronic controller provides constant speed control which automatically applies additional power to the motor to maintain speed under load
    Electronic Controller provides soft start which is designed to suppress start-up reaction for smooth start-ups and longer gear life
    Air vent intake covers help prevent fibers from entering the motor
    Ergonomically designed knob handle provides precision and control in a variety of applications
    Rubberized back handle with conveniently located lock-on switch for continuous use and increased operator comfort
    Cord guard for increased flexibility and longer life
    Rubber tool rest for upside down placement of tool

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    Yep, that is some impressive stuff! If someone hasn't been connected to something like that they have no idea, not a clue how much goes into what he did on that car. That is art, through and through.

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    Default Brian,

    I took care of the detail. Every surface that could be seen or touched without being seen. The wheels came off and got polished, the tires cleaned and treated, the interior, under the dash, the leather, under the seats. I polished the paint so it looked like it had been waxed before I put any sealant on it. All the aluminum trim was polished. The headlight covers came off and were polished inside and out, the headlights cleaned and the paint under the covers polished and sealed. The whole undercarriage, frame, everything cleaned and treated --

    The idea was to make the car look like it just popped into existence, perfect, without anyone touching it. The few days I spent on it were like meditation.


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    Default Nice Job

    Great job on the detail and Conrats on the win at Pebble Beach.

    The question that begs to be asked is what do you think of the new Makita TPO5000C?

    Thanks for all your detailing knowledge.

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