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Thread: Doing custom work to my rear bumper

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    Default Doing custom work to my rear bumper

    I'm going to be doing some work on my 2013 Ford Focus hatchback and I would like a little advice if possible. My goal is to change the exhaust layout from the single stock output to a custom dual/quad-tipped exhaust setup. Not a big deal but I also want to customize the rear bumper to accommodate the change. 15259608_10211613205274121_2306928362584757_o.jpg

    This is my ultimate goal. It's not a terrific picture and I can't find any other pictures of this particular vehicle so this is all I have to go off of, unfortunately. What I plan on doing is cutting the stock lower valance on my bumper like so:

    My question is: after that is done, what should I make the "fin" out of? (traced in red below)

    What would be the easiest material to bend/work into that shape?

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    I would remove the bumper and put it on saw horses then cut out the shape you want. Then cut several pieces of the material that you removed and stack it around the perimeter of the hole and glue it on with bumper adhesive. After the adhesive hardens you can shape the plastic using some coarse paper and the right shape blocks then apply more adhesive to fill the low spots, block sand then use a flexible filler to finish the shaping. Be sure to use adhesion promoter before each step of gluing or filler so that you get a good bond to the surface.

    This type of project isn't easy or cheap but we've done several and it comes out great and holds up well.

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    Cool idea! Can't wait to see how this turn out.

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    Hi, I'm new here. I'm not a body man by any measure but with enough time and mig wire I can do stuff.

    Anyways I'm looking at something similar to what the OP is doing for next summer. My thing is that I want to re-create an exhaust notch on the left side of a bumper that only has a single exit exhaust on the right side.

    The products recommended by Len above look like they would do it but I'm seeing plastic welders priced more and more in reach of the hobbyist and wondered if anybody here had experience with them and what types are the most "Bang for the Buck" so to speak.

    The car has custom everything going in underneath and there's a distinct possibility I may have to do a widebody mod as opposed to sticking on rubber molding stuff so a plastic welder could give me more options for working with the bumper covers on that project as well.

    Thanks in advance.......

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