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Thread: Dent repair on front frame rail, need help

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    Default Dent repair on front frame rail, need help

    Dent repair on front frame rail, need help

    I have a dent on the LH front inside frame rail on my 67 mustang conv.. The dent is right at the place where the sway bar bracket is welded to the frame rail. The dent looks like it was created by a porta-power, because there in a round indent right at the dent which is quite visible. Most likely used for a previous repair. My initial thoughts were to cut a window on the opposite side of the dent and use a 5lb hammer with a 1" round steel shaft to pound the dent out. But, now I'm concerned, because the sway bar bracket flange is part of the dented area and may make it difficult to pound out the dent satisfactorily (see photos). My next thought was to remove the sway bay bracket, pound out the dent, straighten the sway bar flange and weld it back together. But, it may be difficult to impossible to reach some of the spot welds with the engine in the car and I really do not want to pull the engine out. My last thought is to drill out just the two spot welds on the sway bar flange, hoping by doing that, it would make pounding out the dent easier and with a better result. But, I'm not sure that this would make a difference. So, I'm asking for your help with this. Let me know what you all think. Is there's a better way to go? All suggestions and thoughts are appreciated.

    Thank you

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    It sounds like you have it figured out pretty well. If I were doing it I would probably remove the bracket then weld or braze a piece of metal to the dent and pull it out. If that didn't work out then cutting a window on the opposite side would be my next move.

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    If it were at my house I would weld the head of a 5/8" bolt maybe 4" long to the center of the dent. Then take a 2" section of 2" or 3" schedule 80 steel pipe, put it over the bolt, put a heave washer or two and nut on the bolt and turn the nut to pull the dent out. Check it a few times then cut the weld and grind to shape. Just be careful to avoid welding the bracket to frame joint if you want that area to look factory fresh.

    I have a 3/4" drive socket set and I've used sockets for this too. You can chose a socket that rides on the high area surrounding the dent to limit the deformation that could be caused by holding to far away from the dent.

    Bob K
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