My AirVantage 6" Palm Style sander is looking a bit ragged and I noticed that Airvantage does have replacement parts.

Found the following part numbers on their website but no ordering options.


Item 23 / AVA0070 / LEVER FOR 3/16 in ORBIT 12,000 RPM ROS
Item 23 / AVA0332 / LEVER FOR 3/32 in ORBIT 12,000 RPM ROS
Item 24 / AVA0031 / LEVER SPRING PIN
Item 31 / AVB0012 / 5/6 in. NON-VACUUM SHROUD
Item 36 / AVA0022 / 24 mm PAD WRENCH

How can I tell the major differences between the 3/32" and 3/16" sanders in all models?

There are 2 places you can check:
1.The throttle plate of the sander. If it is anodized (black color) then it is 3/32" (2.5MM) sander. If it is chromic (silver color) then it is 3/16" (5.0 MM) sander.
2.The shaft balancer under the sander marks the size of the orbit.

I'm assuming the "Throttle Plate" they refer to is Item 23 Lever. Mine is Chrome but rusted, and I lost my wrench and had to cut off the shroud. Anyway, can you order the above parts?