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Thread: Miata for sale had run-in with curb; control arm or worse?

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    Default Miata for sale had run-in with curb; control arm or worse?


    There's a 1990 Miata for sale near me that the seller hit a curb with (front driver) and they say it won't align properly.

    Any comments on the likelihood of control arm vs subframe vs unibody damage? I wanted to ask for experiences from people that have dealt with this before. I'm looking for a possible project car and since I will likely be changing to newer model subframes and control arms I am not too concerned with the mechanical condition of the car.

    I understand there's no way to know for sure without measuring the car but perhaps others have some experience with this. I have no idea about the frequency of arm/subframe/body damage and the third type is mainly what would steer me away. To be clear, I do not care about a bent control arm or bent subframe, but I do care about a bent body or mounting points. Anyone know how often this happens?

    Thank you.

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    Any pic's is the wheel pushed back or in ? Those car are not to bad to pull back to specs..

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