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When I saw the picture of that truck the first thing that came to mind was the owner of that surely suffers from " short penis syndrome ".

cut-n-paste -- "Other than the fact that men who drive jacked up trucks are more than likely huge douche bags who still believe women belong in the kitchen, they are definitely suffering from small penis syndrome. This category of men is probably suffering the most, actually. As I like to say, “the bigger the lift, the smaller the dick.” A man’s penis also grows smaller with every inch of camouflage that lines his interior and/or ignorant stickers that refer to the truck they are stuck on. These men usually exert their frustrations with their small penis by revving their engine for no reason. A man with a small penis lets his vehicle serve as his penis. If you need further explanation regarding this topic you can refer to any country song, ever." LOL!
That is so true.
every real short guy I've known drove a huge truck.
It's compensation, they can at least be bigger at something that way.