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Thread: 58/55 Chevy Truck Project

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    Default Thank you!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by bam55 View Post
    I uploaded two youtube videos here is a link if you would like to see them.
    Walk around

    Fleetside bed mods
    Thank you for sharing your YouTube channel. Don't be so modest! Here is a link to more of your videos for those interested:

    You know, bam, we've seen a LOT more than in your videos. Man, all the photos of your work over the years is just outstanding and I wish you had video of it all. YOU certainly put extreme effort into this build and left NO STONE unturned in the process. Can't wait for you to be driving this expert resto-mod !!! Your earned it all; YOURSELF! Hats off and Happy New Year - the year the project drives on the road! Thanks for sharing.


    PS: Like so many others, I'm glad you found AUTOBODYSTORE.COM (forum) to share your hard work. You care but so do WE!

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    Default I agree with Henry

    Bam your work is art and I love that you have displayed it here.

    Note: If you like you can click on the (Insert Video) link at the top of the posting block you can paste the YouTube address in and it will show here.

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    Thanks Henry and Len.
    Here's the second one

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