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Thread: Anybody ever fix a wrecked trailer? I got one so I guess I'll learn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by junk View Post
    I ended up sourcing all the skins and trim pieces from the trailer manufacturer through their local dealer. It was super easy. When I did price the aluminum skins through a steel shop the trailer manufacturer was similarly priced.

    We still own and use the trailer. We use it for antique tractor shows and camping out of it. I put e-track on the walls and have bunks for my kids across the back. It's simple and kind of rough, but works well for our uses.

    We've enjoyed riding shotgun on many of your projects over the years. Just maybe, you can post upcoming work you take on.

    BTW, how did your pickup truck turn out? Beautiful color and lots of work but don't think we saw it as a whole.

    Anyway, the best to you and the whole family and keep in touch.


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    Quote Originally Posted by junk View Post
    Well the trailer is mostly fixed now. I still need a couple windows that are on order and a trim piece that I mis ordered the 1st time. I kept track and there is about 65 hours of labor in this trailer.

    Here's the link to all the photos.

    I added a second window on the side since we plan to use it as a camper also. Wanted it a little brighter. I don't have the window hole cut yet as the window is back ordered. The current window on the damaged side is damaged, but still fills the hole OK for now.

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    I have my parts list in with a local MTI (RC trailers) dealer in town. Hopefully it will be reasonable.
    I found the side panels locally for $89 each (4x10) but that's about it. Trailer has a ribbed 40" sectioned roof
    & I need to replace 3 of those 40x100" sections, then 3 pieces of the hat channel.

    Strangest thing is the spindles are all bent. They are 3500lb 5 lug hubs & brakes, but they have a 3" 7000lb axle tube.
    I have no idea why it would be like that other than the spring perch sits back about 8" from the edge of the tubes.
    every 3500# axle I have found pre-assembled has a 2-3/8 axle tube.
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