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Thread: Tools and Materials used in the body shop

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    Default Tools and Materials used in the body shop

    This forum will be mostly for metal working tools.

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    I picked up a pair of 6" flat nose bending and folding pliers a few years ago that have come in handy many times. Not something you see in the normal bodymans tool box. I think originally they were designed for working on heating and air condition sheet metal ducts. I find that when I'm working a piece of sheet metal near the edge the edge becomes disformed/not straight. One clamp of these pliers pretty much straightens out those edges. great for working pinch weld seams. Also great for making patch panels etc when you want to not only straighten out an edge but if you want to bend say a 90 deg angle like in a pinch weld patch panel.
    I wouldn't be without them now, some situations a real time saver. They are not the same as flat nose vise grips because the only area on the vice grips that touch the metal are all the way out on the edge of the jaws. The pliers are flat against the metal the full contact point of the jaws.

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    I have some of those as well. I actually got mine when I was putting new soffit on my house. They were made for the same use you use them for in that situation. Found they were great for making small patch panels!

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    I have been using a flat metal bending pliers for 50 years . I find it hard to believe that most here haven't been using them when needed .

    In fact i have one that was in my pops tool box . Look for an older one on ebay if you want it to be made better .


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