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Thread: Nason ful-base activate or not?

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    Default Nason ful-base activate or not?

    I just got a quart of tan nason ful-base and some reducer for my steering column and dash . gloss for the column and satin for the dash top. I asked about the activator and was told it wasn't needed, but looked on the tech sheet and it said for optimal performance use it.

    what difference does it do to NOT have activated basecoat?
    how much better is it WITH activator in ?

    I most likely will go back and get the activator since I'm redoing the cracked steering wheel in the process to the same color. but I'd like to know just what the difference is with and without activator


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    I saw that post
    BUT it didn't really give me the difference/benefit of adding the activator/hardener or if it did then I missed it. crosslinking to help link into the claer might be it but is that all?

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    Yes you must activate it........I use Nason on complete repaints and its good paint for the price but stick to the tech
    Sheet. Its kinda thin!


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    I haven't used the activator yet as I haven't shot my nason color. My paint store told me the same thing about the activator not being needed. I bought it trying to stay away from any lifting. According to the nason tech sheet you have to use the activator and the sheet says you can recoat anytime. Versus the Chroma Base tech sheet says it has optional activator and you only have a 24 hour recoat window on itself. I recently had some Chroma Base lift when i had to do a touch up on a small piece. I screwed up some masking and had to recoat an area where I had lightly sanded through the clear and the paint wrinkled up on me. I was recoating outside the 24 hour window. I did not activate the Chroma base. The other advantage they advertise is cross-linking or some such stuff. Not sure if that's a concern, but I'm always up for better adhesion.

    The biggest reason i don't want to use the activator is because now I can't put my paint back in the can. once it's activated you need to pitch it if you have extra.

    If I was fairly confident I wouldn't need to do any touch ups I wouldn't worry about it, but seems I always have something that needs touched up after painting.

    Good luck!

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    Cool I'll get the activator and get ready to go!
    I'm staying with the nason line on all the colors , cool vanilla and tan interior(except the midcoat pearl for the top of the door panels, Hang on A/c unit, console and lower portion of the dash, just gotta add some glitter) outside should be normal colors if I can just hold off of going crazy and adding some pearl there too!

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