Gday everyone from Melbourne, Australia. I have always used posts from your site for some really valuable information in the past but decided that i needed to register so i could become a part of your fantastic forum. I currently work in the automotive smash repair industry as a spray painter and have been doing so for the last 15 years. We currently use standox paints, but i am in need of some opinions for a mid to high end topcoat spray gun. I will be using it mainly for clear and pearls and was looking at compliant models. Currently tossing up between the devilbiss cvi, sharpe t1-cg with 1.2 setup, and maybe the sagola 3300 pro with evo cap. Have seen some really positive posts on the sharpe t1-cg can anyone give me some first hand info on this unit, is it lightweight and comfortable in hand? Thanks and look forward to hearing some feedback.