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Thread: Who makes the BEST sandpaper

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    Default Who makes the BEST sandpaper

    Hello all. I am just about to spend a few bucks on some paper-and wanted to share my observations.

    I want to know who makes the "best" sandpaper--

    The best sandpaper is the one that combines the best value of cost of material, with labor cost and final product quality.

    I have bought 3m paper in the past--and some of it really rocked--lasted forever--still cutting fast-- reasonable price.

    BUT>>> some of the 3m stuff sucked---it quit cutting in 10 seconds- and it also was not cheap.

    I have had batches of Mirka gold that seemed totally different from each other--.

    I would be willing to pay a premium for my paper if that is where the "TRUE" value is.

    In the past I have bought some Norton sanding belts for my day job (machine shop) and they cost almost twice as much,, but have outperformed other brands at least 10 to 1 .

    While trying to flatten some mud yesterday--my paper on my DA would quit scratching after about 15 seconds--and the rate of dust-making goes way down-and the heat seems to go way up.

    What are the professionals buying these days??
    (please be VERY specific in make and model)

    looking for Da and Longboard paper


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    I'm with you on the paper thing. Not a pro but I had been buying some 80grit 3M longboard paper - psa back, precut length. Didn't realize the difference until I bought a continuous roll of 80 grit psa paper - Norton brand. The Norton just cut and cut and cut. $40 for a 25yard roll vs. about a buck a sheet for the 3M. For me, Norton's the clear winner in this case.

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    My experience is that Norton is probably the best all around sandpaper as far as lasting ability and cost effectiveness.

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    Do a search on this board. This topic came up before and the answer was not simple. The pros listed the papers they used for different situations and why they used them.

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    Default That's right!

    Muddy Paws, No Problem!
    Different sandpapers manufacturered by different companies may be better at certain jobs. While some companies make a wide range of paper some may be the best at doing a certain thing but when it comes to doing another job they may fall short of producing a quality product.

    Like Phil, I like Norton for some jobs and I like 3M for some other jobs. Most of the paper I use is from these two companies because they are well designed and cost effective. I've also started using Mirka for some work and I'm starting to like it also.

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