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Thread: prep for filler - thanks Serge!

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    Default prep for filler - thanks Serge!

    Hi folks

    While I await my new stud gun I decided to do a little reading regarding metal prep for filler (once I've pulled the dent out).

    I'd wondered about the bonds between epoxy primer and filler and whether I should apply epoxy before the filler. Anyway I stumbled onto Serge's test in the classroom section

    welp, my questions are now answered and I know clearly what I'm going to do.

    My little advice to boards folk... read the classroom stuff now and then... it's great!!

    thanks Serge!


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    Its the Znx-7 that bites into the metal, and from what I understood talking with Evercoat's rep is that most fillers offer some corrosion resistance as well. So not only do you get mechanical adhesion from your paper you also get some chemical adhesion.
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