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Thread: Dura bloc gun feedback ?

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    Default Dura bloc gun feedback ?

    I am going to buy a new spray gun in the near future ( I am still using a Sata NR95 )and would like to hear some feed back from user's of the new high end Dura Bloc spray gun. How do you like it ? Quality ?

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    Our experience with Dura-Block has been excellent that's why we started to sell and support them. The use and model will make a difference but, like anything else, you get what you pay for. We've been using the 7003, 7004 and the 007 pretty regularly for about 6 months and find that they all perform very well. The 7003 and 7004 atomize quite well and come with everything in the kit including a cup swivel that really helps when spraying at extreme angles.

    The 007 is a totally different animal and is extremely versatile because of it's construction. With three heads the 007 can be used for primer, base and topcoats and never have the materials cross in the gun because you can switch heads. The only thing I might recommend with the 007 is to purchase a 1.2 tip kit with the gun just in case you need a smaller tip. The 007 also comes with everything including inlet pressure gauge, cup swivel, three head stand and really nice aluminum carrying case. It's like buying three high-quality sprayguns for the price of one and a half.

    Dura-Block Info Link

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