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Thread: Floor panel cut and paste 67 Volvo

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    Default Floor panel cut and paste 67 Volvo

    I'm in the Los Angeles area and currently looking for a good rust repair, floor panel, or simply panel repair person. Looking for an experienced maybe part time or semi-retired pro metal fabrication/sheet metal guy who can maybe do a job like this at home as a side job or in small shop for cash, just can't afford the quotes a couple of High End Shops gave me. LA or Orange county. Car interior is gutted, no interior in here at all, just an empty shell and I have all 4 new repair/replacement panels, car runs and drives and can be driven to your location. If anyone knows a "good guy" not a hack or experimenter who would be interested in doing this job or providing a quote, contact me. Rust is limited to the flats of the floors (no rockers) and its a straightforward Cut out and replace job.
    Can also email pix of the areas to be repaired
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    I did a little edit to your post. This site will help you with your repair if you are having a problem but we are not Craigslist.

    Bob K

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