Alright my car is officially painted and there was a few dust nibs here and there. I plan to remove them and in process start wetsanding and buffing the entire car. I have a few questions though.

I have a snap on palm sander which looks lsomething like this

would this be ok to start my sanding with? I was thinking of doing it by hand because i fear im going to mess up something. Do i need the interface sponge pad?

I was looking at buying this

this should be enough to do one car correct? Is the finish film used with water as well or is water only a part of the trizact sanding? I just want to make sure i know what im doing before i start this job. Im probably going to end up buying a buffer since i dont think anyone around here rents them out unless anyone from here is from CT and wants to give me a hand . From what i understand i would sand with 1000 and get the top of the orange peel knocked off. Then i would work up to 1500 to get it evened out, then sand it finer with 2000. Then trizact etc etc. I have 3 coats of nason select clear on it but i do worry about sanding thru while trying to get the orange peel off.

Also is this something that i shouldnt have a problem doing outside? Just wondering if small dust particles and such are going to ruin everything and make deep scratches. My main concern is starting this and never being able to get the paint to shine the same way or leaving swirls in the paint that wont come off. Im going to use the sure finish polish. Will a quart be enough to do a whole car?

Sorry for the questions just want to make sure i get everything right. also in what order should i use the buffing pads? The only thing is the car was just painted yesterday but i probably wont be able to buff till next week maybe even later. Will this pose a problem???