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    I was on the phone with a tech from Nason trying to decide between the 465-00 clear and the 498-00 clear. He told me that the 465-00 clear was more prone to solvent pop and dyeback because it is a high solids clear. He said it was more suited for a real good down draft booth with a lot of air flow. Without a bunch of air flow it could give you trouble he said.

    I have used the 497 and 498 clears, and have had a little trouble with orange peel. I don't mind on the exterior because I can buff it, but stuff like interiors and the firewall is tough to buff.

    I was told by some folks that the 465-00 clear lays down better than the other Nason clears.

    Has anyone had any trouble with the 465-00 clear?


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    I know you asked about another clear, but I have been using 496-00 on my low value projects and like it. I keep 2 quarts on hand all the time and have started using it on panel repairs on high value cars as well. I put it on a 2008 Sienna bumper last week and have no worries that it will cause any kind of problem. There have never been any issues with OP. It dries very fast so there is less problem with dust as well. I donít think I would recommend it for an overall paint job though since it dries too fast.

    Bob K

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    I havent had any problems with the 465. It wont lay down any better than the stuff you use now. If its OP you want to take care of, using the 465 isnt going to help you. You can reduce the other lower solids clears a bit to help with that. Its mostly you, not the clear

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    Do you have a pro booth, or a home made booth? Before I posted, I did a search, and noticed you said this is about the only clear you have used. I was hoping you would post so I could pick your brain about this clear.

    The tech I talked to at dupont said the 465 clear would flow out better than the 498, but that I may have solvent pop or dyeback issues in my home made booth.

    I have tried thinning the clear about 10%, it didn't help much. The dupont rep told me I could try using the high temp activator with the 498 clear to help it flow.

    I am really only worried about this issue on the firewall and interior. The rest will buff.


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    My booth is somewhat home made, but has decent flow. Ive used chroma clear, and most of the Nasons. When they did away with the 7500S I started using the 465. Only because it was the top of the Nason line clear. I didnt think it flowed out as well as the lower solids clears, but I got where I can spray it just fine. Slower activators will definately help flow. If you are getting alot of OP with it, its you or your technique. Let the 1st coat tack pretty good and dont worry greatly about how slick your 1st coat goes on as long as it dont go on dry. Then you can apply your 2nd coat heavier. A good compliant gun will help too. I cant spray clear as well with an HVLP.

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