Can an acrylic polyurethane be sprayed directly over a scuffed polyester urethane? Eg, Imron over Interlux Perfection.

Seems to me that the different manufacturers (Dupont vs Akzo Nobel) and the different types of paint could be an issue going together, but don't know how significant that would be. Willing to take a chance though.

I sprayed a sailboat with Interlux Perfection, a polyester.

The damp/dew got to it before it could cure (finished mid afternoon around 2 pm, but it needed more time to dry I'm told), so the gloss got blotchy in some areas.

You're not supposed to buff this type of paint either (but I will try it first and report back).

So I'm alternately thinking of scuffing the polyester-based paint, and going over it with an acrylic, eg Imron.

This way if I have any more dew issues (or spray application issues [ie, bad technique]), I can simply buff it out.

I probably should have gone with an easier handling paint from the start, but hindsight is 20/20.

Thoughts are appreciated.