I need a little education here. In California I have been using Concept CLV which is mixed with DCX61 at a 2:1 ratio. So I called two distributors in Reno to ask about waterborne paints and it is not on the horizon for Nevada. So I can drive there to pick up SS urethane but it is Concept DCC. The tech sheet shows 3 different ways to mix it compared to one way with the CLV. They are:

1. 4 DCC / 1 DT Reducer / 2 DU5 or 6 Hardener pot life 2-4hr.

2. 4 DCC / 2 DT Reducer / 1 DCX9 or DCX61 pot life 1-3hr.

3. 2 DCC / 1 DT Reducer / 2 DFX11 pot life 1-2hr.

Outside of the different pot life's, that you use more paint with DCC, less to none of DCX61, slightly longer flash times is there any other difference like durability? CLV uses DCX61 only so I assumed that all their urethanes used DCX61, but apparently not the case here. Reducer is relatively cheap per quart, DCX61 is $98/qt., and hardener I'm not familiar with.