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Thread: Truck cab floor paint?

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    Default Truck cab floor paint?

    Looking for suggestions on what to use on my cab floor. I am not planning on putting carpet down so I am looking for something fairly durable. I was going to spray truck bed liner but after talking to a guy at my local paint store, he told me that the bedliner stuff can be slick when it gets wet and suggested a 3m undercoating #8883. My project is not going to be a daily driver but I want something that looks nice and will hold up.

    What do you guys think would work best?


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    I think the 3M will get sticky if the floor gets hot as trucks often do. There are MANY types of bedliners, some with a smooth finish, some rubberized, some with a grainy texture. Might look at Herculiner for something cheap that can be rolled in. It's kind of grainy like it has rubber particles in it and isn't particularly slippery. I used it in the trunk of my Mercedes. Looks better than it sounds.

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    CraigS, Thanks for the reply. After doing some more research yesterday, I was leaning toward the Herculier. I read a few rewiews on other sites and it sounds like is has mostly good reviews.

    I have a good unercoating gun I bought to spray the bottom of the cab with Lizardskin so I am going to give it a shot with the Herculiner. If it does not work I can always roll it.


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