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Thread: Hole in the transmission housing. Repair?

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    Default Hole in the transmission housing. Repair?

    Got an 01 Toyota Rav4, the transmission housing has a small hole in it, one of the "ribs" on the alluminum housing broke off on the impact. The hole is about a 3/8" diameter, on the top of the tranny.
    Can someone suggest a way to repair it? without taking out the transmission.
    I have seen some rods, that can be used with a regular household torch, not requiring much heat, to weld aluminum.
    Any ideas? does fusor make anything that is tough?
    thanks in advance

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    Years ago I repaired a crack in a tractors engine block. It was an International H and was about 8 inches long and all the way through and leaking water like a hose. Anyway I used JB weld and it held and when i sold it i told the guy. And he still is using it. Great stuff that JB Weld .I would use the slow setting one . Try it on a piece of scrap metal first. It is good to 700 degrees . Mooch

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