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    I am painting a motor home and looking for a paint system. I have been looking at auto finishes such as PPG DBU and Dupont ChromaPremier base/clear. I originally considered PPG CLV but it is available only in solid colors. I want to use a pearl. I recently found Imron 6000. It is a true polyurethane base/clear and according to its data sheet is available in pearls.
    Imron has the reputation of being a very durable paint system. It is supposed to be very mar and chip resistant. I was wondering if anyone has experience with this system. I will be using a forced air breathing system so the isocyanates shouldn't be a problem. Some of the questions I have are:

    1. Cost and available colors?

    2. Application properties and issues?

    3. Ability to be color sanded and buffed. I know this will depend on the clear chosen. Any advice on clears?


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    We normally use POLYurethanes for trucks, airplanes and other things that don't need the deep gloss of an acrylic urethane job but does need to be durable. I haven't used Imron for a few years and it may have changed but most of the deep gloss finishes you'll see will be acrylic urethane not polyurethane.

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