View Full Version : U-pol bodyfiller and putty

Jayson M
03-04-2006, 08:12 PM
Hi guys,a couple of weeks ago I asked if any of you had tried any of the u-pol products.Well my jobber gave me a sample of dolphin glaze putty and a body filler called 'fantastic." I have always used evercoat products and never had a problem with them and thought they sanded very easy.The dolphin glaze is a better product than any of the evercoat glazes,it sands extremely easy and it leaves hardly any pinholes.I used it as a final skim on a quarter panel repair of about 12"x16".The body filler is hard to compare to north american body filler.It is way smoother and has a very creamy texture,spreads very nice compared to rage gold.It is thinner than the rage gold but it sands way easier.I think it would be great to use as a putty or for your second coat of filler.I have always found the european paint products to be nicer than ours and the same goes for their polyester products.This is just my oppinion and I thought I would share what i thought of these products like Len had asked.If you get a chance give them a try,you will probably like them!!