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10-19-2007, 12:00 PM
Well, it took me about an entire saturday to do this with just my crafstman box i keep in my car, and i'm reasonably happy with how it came out. Only thing that i did wrong was over estimate the strength of a taiwanese aftermarket fender, and i put some dents going across the top of it. and me being the tired, persistant teenager i am, i went to fix them with the wrong tools and made them worse. its nothing a little filler wont fix though, and i must say after a little tweaking the fender fit almost as good as an original.

a few questions, when painting the plastic mirror, i'm guessing that i should scuff it with 220, spray an adhesion promotor on it, then epoxy, then paint. is that the right procedure for plastic stuff? i haven't had to paint a mirror yet.Also, i'm planning on spraying the fender and blending the base into the door and bumper cover, then clearing the door and bumper cover. The reason for this is because both the door and bumper cover suffered some damage from the accident, adn i'm trying to do at least a halfway decent job on her car. the hood is in good condition still, so i would rather not mess with it, i'm not too worried about matching. its paint code 4m9(that gold color you see on most toyota corollas).

For applying the filler to the fender, i'm assuming that i could scuff the e-coat that on it, and then just just put the filler over that?

i know there was one other question, but i cant remember what it was....

heres some pictures after the accident:

And some of after fixing it thus far:

you can see in that last one where i dented it.

only problem that remain right now, is how to paint it. i have absolutely no place right now that will let me use their shop to paint it in. i'm really tempted to jsut buy some base coat and clear mixed up in aeresols and paint it like that, but it'll look like crap if i did that. if someone can help with this major problem, it's be really greatly appreciated. i'd be willing to rent a booth from anyone in the princeton/trenton area....

EDIT: i think i may have found a guy that'll let me use his shop, even though i really would rather not use his

10-19-2007, 06:46 PM
Well with the bumper you'll have to ad a flex additive to the clear but you probably know that. If the bumper wasn't damaged then I'd probably butt match up to the bumper. That sounds good for the mirror. I haven't painted them either but the epoxy will help seal according to guys on this site. You're a smart kid. I'll check out the pics cause I replied before looking at them. But I'd wait for a second opinion on the mirror cause I'm not absolutely sure.

10-19-2007, 06:55 PM
I saw that pic of the temporary tire on there. Have you had a look at your suspension or steering? I'd inspect the strut bar, sway bar, control arms, and tie rod ends and maybe check the rack and pinion to see if it shifted. I'd say you have something wrong down there if you got impact like that cause it looks like it went right over the wheel.

EDIT: actually didn't look like the wheel got it that bad but I'd check anyways.

10-20-2007, 09:24 AM
i did eyball the alignment, and it doesnt seem that bad by eye (i have a good eye for that) the reason that the spare was on there is because when she went to swerve around the car she gotin the accident with, she hit the curb at a bad angle

10-21-2007, 03:12 PM
i'm painting this on friday afternoon... any help in response to my questions would be awesome

10-27-2007, 10:08 PM
well, i everything was going really well with masking, then i sanded and sealed everything, sprayed 3 coats of base, it looked perfect(except for some dust nibs) i had started painting later than anticipated and wasn't expecting to be able to drive the car home, but i was planning on having it cleared. but, it didnt go as i had planned, as i had bumped into the base before it was dry, thus rubbing the base and sealer off in the area... i put a heat lamp on it for a while sanded it out with some 180 and 600 and sprayed some more sealer over it. came out real good, and was really happy it didnt wrinkle like i was worried. now i just have some dust nibs and orange peel to contend with and then i can go on with re spraying the base and the clear.

10-28-2007, 12:04 AM
With most plastic spraying you don't need a primer, you just scuff properly then clean and spray with adhesion promoter prior to sanding. Read the technical info for the adhesion promoter and paint that you're using.

I wouldn't recommend filler on e-coat, we usually grind the surface with some 24 grit before filler application.

Blending the adjacent panels is always the best way to get a good match but blending the bumper can get more complicated because the clear needs flex additive. If you're going to blend the bumper you should do it separately with flexed clear.

Whenever possible you should prep the entire car on a day PRIOR to painting then do all your spraying on another day. You should start your spraying early in the day so that you can finish it all in one day. This is only necessary when spraying an entire car but for most novice painters it's not a bad idea to spray even half a car on a separate day so that you can take your time and not be spraying while tired.

10-31-2007, 11:18 PM
well, i finished spraying everything, laid down three coats of clear, pulled all the masking off and the fender looked like it matched pretty good, considering it was just the panel i sprayed. backed it out of the shop, and whatdya know, the fender and mirror look like a different tint than what the rest of the car was. it was more coppery looking. now a few days later i went back to look at it, and it matches almost perfectly, theres a negligible difference in shade, but it's evident that i sprayed the base a little too dry(its sparkelier than it should be). i cant say that i have ever noticed the color change on something once it has been cleared. oh well, it came out good. i'll post some pics soon